DevOps Counseling/Consulting Services

Sreeyan offers start to finish DevOps counseling services dependent on the cutting-edge procedures intended to convey great programming quicker. Our group is smart in applying infrastructure as code, consistent integration and persistent conveyance approaches. Our DevOps specialists will assist you with adjusting your advancement and activities to accomplish the expanded recurrence of programming discharges and improve its unwavering quality.

What DevOps Services we offer:

To help you implement the DevOps initiative, our DevOps consultants consider your unique needs, both organizational and technical ones.

DevOps consulting process
We offer: Guiding through end-to-end DevOps implementation to turn your DevOps initiative into a successful DevOps practice.
Step 1: Strategic Planning:

We hold meetings and interviews with CIO, the managers of the development, infrastructure, and security departments to get the vision of how the conveyance forms functio0ns, what are the worries and desires for various divisions identified with programming improvement and activities. Our specialists break down the availability of your organization for DevOps, application portfolio, accessible IT assets, and your IT foundation size and attributes, and:

  • Present key focal points DevOps usage may bring to your product conveyance process contingent upon your business needs, current circumstance, and industry.
  • Define the business destinations for the DevOps activity to help, for example, the improved application unwavering quality, the expanded recurrence of programming discharges, and the improved client experience.
  • Estimate the authoritative endeavors expected to execute DevOps and characterize how the DevOps activity will impact interdepartmental elements.
  • Develop a DevOps procedure in close cooperation with your IT the executives.
Step 2: Creating a DevOps implementation roadmap:

When a typical arrangement is drawn up, Sreeyan’s DevOps experts:

Plan the containerization approach. We propose applying containerization to accomplish programming convenience across cloud and on-premises condition, guarantee that product works consistently being developed, trying, and creation situations. With all the executables, libraries and design records inside, compartments made with Docker, or other comparative devices, take into consideration simple and steady organization of uses. Our DevOps advisors recommend utilizing such holder organization instruments as Kubernetes or Apache Mesos to rearrange the containerized application arrangement.

Structure a CI/CD arrangement. Sreeyan’s DevOps group structures a CI/CD approach, characterizes and designs the arrangement of CI/CD devices to build perceivability over the advancement pipeline, mechanize and accelerate programming conveyance, find and fix application bugs right off the bat in the improvement organize, and improve programming quality.

Exhort on programming test computerization. To mechanize useful, reconciliation, execution, load testing, Sreeyan’s DevOps group recommends applying such devices as Selenium, Appium. 

Along these lines, you will have the option to quicken the conveyance of programming to clients and increment its general quality. Further QA counseling can assist you with deciding the important test automation level and improve testing quality.

Plan an approach to incorporate framework automation with CI/CD devices. Our DevOps specialists help to incorporate framework computerization devices like Ansible, Chef, and Puppet with CI/CD tools, for example, Jenkins, Bamboo. In this way, you can convey new programming discharges and execute framework changes quicker.

Plan an application observing arrangement. To guarantee the impeccable execution of your applications and identify mistakes rapidly, our DevOps experts can appropriately design the arrangement of an application execution checking device like Zabbix or Nagios. Accordingly, your DevOps experts will have the option to recognize post-discharge bugs before programming clients experience them.

DevOps consulting workflow

Set up the point by point DevOps execution plan. Sreeyan’s group manufactures a far reaching intend to execute DevOps over your IT condition. Our DevOps group evaluates your general status to change to DevOps and characterizes the most advantageous approach to embrace CI/CD and, adjust advancement and testing conditions to creation, mastermind code storehouse with variant control, mechanize improvement and operational procedures.

Characterize DevOps-explicit difficulties and expound arrangements. Sreeyan’s advisors help organizations to plot DevOps-explicit difficulties while in transit to fruitful DevOps execution and draw up a far-reaching plan on the best way to stay away from or alleviate them.

Step 3: DevOps solution setting up:

Sreeyan‘s advisors help you appropriately actualize the DevOps approach by:

Applying their insight together with pragmatic aptitudes to give preparing to your IT framework chairmen, venture directors, program supervisors, conveyance chiefs, designers, programming test engineers, and different DevOps professionals.

Accustoming the methodology with automating and improve the procedure of new framework setup for programming advancement and adjust the advancement, testing, and creation conditions. This will permit you to maintain a strategic distance from human mistakes prompting foundation misconfigurations.

Aiding the organization and arrangement of CI/CD and test automation tools.

Step 4. Supporting DevOps at the production stage:

Sreeyan is prepared to help your DevOps specialists until all the goals are accomplished. 

Our DevOps specialists can give assistance keeping up the operability of the product framework, actualizing changes in it, guaranteeing appropriate burden dissemination inside the client’s IT condition.

Introductory authoritative and specialized assistance with DevOps usage to give your DevOps execution activity the correct beginning.

Sreeyan’s DevOps group does vital arranging, builds up a nitty gritty DevOps usage guide, aids the DevOps arrangement setting up. When these means are finished, Sreeyan’s specialists are prepared to give on-premises preparing to your representatives associated with the DevOps approach execution to guarantee their availability to keep up the DevOps approach without anyone else and, if necessary, adapt to authoritative or specialized issues that may happen later on. Help with DevOps usage issues to adapt to any trouble while in transit to an effective DevOps practice.

Over the span of actualizing DevOps, you may discover that the cooperation between the improvement, testing and activities groups is deficient, the representatives have information holes on applying DevOps procedures and utilizing proper instruments, the computerized testing inclusion isn’t sufficient to guarantee quicker and effective testing.

When the DevOps approach execution experiences troubles, Sreeyan’s DevOps experts are prepared to:
  • Analyze the issue you’ve experienced.
  • Adjust or alter the created DevOps procedure as a team with your IT division.
  • Tune CI/CD tools, just as a framework the board, test automation.
  • Offer extra preparing for your DevOps professionals.
  • Provide programming counseling or modernization, to adjust your current advancement practices to another DevOps approach quicker.
  • Consulting on DevOps specialized angles
  • To make advancements completely bolster your DevOps activity.
  • Sreeyan’s DevOps specialists can plan and help to appropriately set up a CI/CD pipeline.
For its fruitful dispatch, we introduce and arrange the suitable arrangement of DevOps explicit tools:
  • Containerization tools.
  • IT framework computerization tools.
  • CI/CD tools.
  • Test computerization tools.
  • Monitoring tools.
Once your DevOps toolset is appropriately arranged, Sreeyan’s DevOps specialists can prepare your in-house groups and move the information they must additionally keep up your spry IT foundation.
  • Additional Services to Enhance DevOps Implementation
  • QA counseling to improve the software quality and introduce test automation on a high scale.
  • Software counseling to adjust existing advancement practices to the new DevOps approach.
  • Application modernization to adjust your inheritance applications to DevOps.

When It’s Time to Turn to DevOps Consulting

DevOps counseling might be the appropriate response on the off chance that you feel worried about:

  • The absence of joint effort between the groups (improvement, testing, framework organization, and security) bringing about a moderate programming conveyance and low programming quality.
  • The moderate manual procedure of giving new IT framework.
  • Differences in the arrangements of advancement, testing and creation conditions.
  • Time-devouring framework adjustments, programming updates and bug fixing.
  • Post-discharge blunders influencing client or client experience or business activities.
  • Inefficient testing process: A moderate and wasteful testing process because of inadequate test mechanization.

Difficulties that can be illuminated from our DevOps services:

Vulnerability about innovations to actualize the DevOps activity.
Challenge 1: Resistance of workers to the DevOps execution
Arrangement: Sreeyan’s DevOps advisors give appropriate preparing to your advancement, QA and testing, activities pros to improve their cooperation abilities and accomplish their full selection of DevOps tools and forms

Vulnerability about advances to execute the DevOps activity
Challenge 2: Uncertainty about advances to execute the DevOps activity
Arrangement: Considering your DevOps execution plan, Sreeyan’s DevOps specialists will assist you with choosing a fitting arrangement of containerization, CI/CD, framework mechanization, and different devices lined up with your group’s needs, and design them accurately

Trouble in adjusting heritage applications to DevOps
Challenge 3: Difficulty in adjusting heritage applications to DevOps
Arrangement: We propose deciding on application modernization, including application re-facilitating, reengineering, recoding, to conquer challenges with adjusting your heritage applications to DevOps.