Big Data Implementation Approach

Sreeyan’s Approach of Implementing Big Data:

Big Data is still moderately new with various affiliations, and its significance in business methodology and result has been changing every day. Here are some of the key acknowledged systems that Sreeyan follows for an effective yet proficient Big Data implementation.

We gather requirements before we start gathering data:

Sreeyan starts big data implementation by first collecting, examining and understanding the business necessities. This is the first and most essential step in the big data analysis process. Sreeyan’s solid big data group believes in “Align Big Data adventures with unequivocal business goals”.

Not because everyone else is doing it:

You consider it a rumor or gossip, yet the facts confirm that first-time big data practitioners believe that implementing Big Data is pure IT thing. Sreeyan does not accept it as we believe that it’s the business that drives the Big Data implementation and not the IT stack. This line wraps up one of the significant recommended strategies for implementing big data. Analytical solutions are best when moved nearer from a business perspective and not from the IT/Engineering end. Sreeyan strongly believes that the IT needs to get away from the model of “Construct it and they will come” to “Solutions that fit portrayed business needs.”


Think big. Act Small. Achieve Bigger:

Commonly, Big Data projects start with a contextual analysis on a chosen dataset. Through the span of implementations, we at Sreeyan, have seen that the organization needs to grow as they grasp the data once they touch and feel and begin harnessing its potential value. Usage of lightweight and iterative execution strategies that convey expedient solutions dependent on current needs instead of a big bang application development. With regards to the execution of big data analysis, the best practice is to begin little by recognizing explicit, high-esteem opportunities, while not losing hold of the 10,000-foot view. We achieve these objectives with our adaptable Big Data framework: Think Big, Act Small.



What inside your data:

Whether or not a business is set up for Big Data analysis, doing a full assessment of data coming into a business and how it can best be used to the business’ favored position is provoked. This technique requires contribution from all the business partners. We analyze what data ought to be held, regulated and made open, and what data can be discarded.

Getting the Big Data team ready:

Since Big Data has such a lot of potential, there’s a creating absence of specialists who can oversee and mine data. Short of offering huge signing bonuses, the best way to deal with beat potential capacities issues is systematizing immense data endeavors inside an IT organization program.

Training the team for Big Data Battle:

Setting up a Center of Excellence to share game plan of implementing, plan collectibles and assurance oversight for tasks can help limit mistakes. Whether or not big data is another or expanding adventure, the fragile and hard costs can be shared over the endeavor. Another preferred position by the CoE approach is that it will continue driving the massive data and in general data engineering development in an undeniably composed and systematical way.

Setup a practice ground, before the team goes out to fight the big data battle

We at Sreeyan,  allow data scientists to build their data analysis and models using their supported dialects and programming conditions. By then, after a productive proof of thought, purposely recreate and reconfigure these usages with an “IT turn-over gathering”. In some cases, it may be difficult to attempt to perceive what you are searching for, in light of the fact that the technology is regularly commencing something new and achieving results that were as of late stamped “is beyond the realm of imagination”.


Stay in constant touch with Cloud Operational Model:

Analytical sandboxes ought to be made on-solicitation and resource the executives need to have a control of the entire data stream, from pre-planning, combination, in-database rundown, post-handling, and diagnostic displaying. A particularly arranged private and open cloud provisioning and security procedure accept a fundamental activity in supporting these advancing necessities. Team Sreeyan accepts that the advantage of an open cloud is that it tends to be provisioned and scaled up instantly. In those circumstances where the affectability of the data permits brisk in-and-out prototyping, this can be ground-breaking.


Club your Big Data with Enterprise Data:

To discharge the estimation of Big Data, it ought to relate to business analytics. Attempts should develop new capacities and impact their prior advantages in establishment, organize, business knowledge and data distribution centers, instead of disposing of them. Placing assets into consolidation capacities can engage data laborers to interface different sorts and wellsprings of data, to make affiliations, and to make significant disclosures.

What for was the big data implementation, if not Analysis

For examination to be a high ground, associations need to make “analysis” the way they cooperate. Now-a-days, the advantage of data driven affiliations is never again just a not too bad accomplice, yet a “certain prerequisite have” and an “absolute necessity do.” The extent of methodical capacities creating with big data and the way that associations can be displayed and decided is transforming into a commonplace practice. Analytics need not be left to storage facilities of groups, yet rather made a bit of the regular operational limit of front-end staff.


We at Sreeyan has a devoted group of Big Data experts that comprehends the customer’s necessity of Big Data implementation quite well. The secret is to comprehend the business behind profoundly, evaluate the issues in the everyday exercises and give a tailor fit solution that is savvy, reliable, adaptable with minimal maintenance. On the off chance that you are seeking for a big data solution and need to take your data to the next level, it would be ideal if you feel to reach us to book a demo on Big Data usage.