Data Analytics 

The most important phase of the big data value chain is Data Analysis, which emphasize the aim to extract useful data, propose conclusions and support decision making.

What is the purpose of Data Analysis?

Data Analysis manages the data brought about through perception, estimation, or experiments about a subject of premium. Data analytics plan to remove helpful data from the subject that is focused getting looked at. The subject nature and reason may shift extraordinarily. Few of the potential reasons for existing are listed below:

  • To generalize and interpret the data, to suggest and assist decision-making,
  • To diagnose and derive reasons for fault,
  • To check whether the data are legitimate, and to predict future
How to choose the right Data Analysis for your data needs?

Data Analysis is arranged data into three levels dependent on its utilization: descriptive analysis, predictive analysis and prescriptive analysis.

  • Descriptive Analysis: In this historical data is exploited to trace what happened.
  • Predictive Analysis: It expects to concentrate on anticipating future patterns and probabilities.
  • Prescriptive Analysis: It supports dynamic and proficiency.

More as of late, the blast of big data asks large Data analytics to portray the propelled investigation techniques or systems. In the accompanying, we uncover diverse application advancement of Data Analysis.

data sorting
Business Application Evolution

The most punctual business data was unstructured data and were put away in relational database management system. The analysis techniques which came to utilize were very straightforward and instinctive. The normal business strategies incorporate dashboards, scorecards, data mining, search-based insight, revealing, and online exchange handling. Right now, the web offered an interesting possibility for associations to display their organizations on the web. Different web mining strategies can be applied to investigate item situation enhancement, item suggestions, client exchange examination and market structure investigation.

Network Application Evolution

The earlier network essentially offers web service and email office. These services were done utilizing data mining, text analysis and webpage analysis techniques. As of now, organize data wins and catch the worldwide data volumes as practically all application run on network regardless of their domains. The web interweaved various sort of data, including content, sound, video and photographs.

Scientific Application Evolution

Current regions of scientific field are gathering an immense volume of data from high throughput instruments running from astronomy to genomics. Already, a few scientific research spaces have created colossal data stage and received the subsequent rewards.

Our Common Methods

A few of the basic techniques applied in Sreeyan to practically all the Data Analysis is:

Data Visualization:

It relates closely to information visualization and information graphics. The data visualization aims to transmit data distinctly and successfully through graphical methods. Diagrams and charts assist individuals understand rapidly and effectively.

Statistical Analysis:

It depends on measurable hypothesis which utilizes probability theory to display randomness and vulnerability. For large datasets, measurable analysis can serve for description and interference.


Data Mining:

It is relatively a process of discovering hidden patterns in large datasets. Different data mining calculations have been created in the artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, AI and insights. Some of the most influential algorithms include K-implies, SVM, from the earlier, EM, PageRank, AdaBoost, Naive Bayes, and CART.

Cases in Point of Big Data Analytics

We at Sreeyan, present six sorts of big data application, composed by data type: Structured Data Analysis, Text Analysis, Web Examination, Multimedia Analytics, Network Analytics, and Mobile Analytics.


Structured Data Analytics

A gigantic measure of structured data is produced from the scientific research field and business part. The executives of these data rely upon the develop RDBMS, OLAP, and data warehousing. As of late, profound learning, a lot of AI strategies is turning into a functioning exploration territory. Measurable AI dependent on definite numerical models has just been applied in inconsistency discovery. Right now, process mining has developed as another research region that centers around occasion data and procedure revelation and conformance-checking techniques.

Text Analytics

Text Analytics, otherwise called content mining, is the way toward removing helpful data and data from unstructured text. Text includes website pages, email correspondence, online networking content and corporate records. Thus, it is of higher business potential. Text mining is an interdisciplinary field at the crossing point of computational etymology, data recovery, AI, measurements, and data mining. Text Analytics is especially founded on content portrayal and normal language preparing (NLP) which can upgrade the accessible data identified with content terms.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics group at Sreeyan intends to recover, remove, and assess information for knowledge discovery from web reports and services automatically. Web analytics depends on a few different stages, for example, databases, NLP, content mining, and data recovery. Web analytics is classified into three regions of intrigue: web content mining, web structure mining, and web usage mining.

Web content mining is the revelation of valuable data from website content which includes data, for example, content, picture, sound, video, and hyperlinks. Web content mining is the revelation of the model basic connection structures on the web. Here, structure represents to the chart of connections in a site. Web utilization mining alludes to mining auxiliary data produced by web sessions. It includes data from proxy server logs, program logs, web server get to logs, client profile, client sessions, and cookies.