Database Design and Support

Is your organization finding it difficult to determine the connection between various data components to build a good database design? Are you finding it challenging to structure a great database design which will suit your business requirement? Then, it’s time to outsource database design services to an experienced service provider.

Sreeyan is a leading provider of offshore database design services and a leading database designing organization for all your database service requirement. Outsourcing database design services to us can assist you with bringing down the expense of database ownership and lessen the excess in data storage. Our database designs are carefully organized to assist you with maintaining a strategic distance from conflicting data and lift efficiency at work.

1. What are the various Database Design Services Offered by Sreeyan?

Sreeyan has been considering the database plan necessity of worldwide customers for very nearly a decade now. We obviously see every customer’s needs and the data they influence which encourages us plan an appropriate database structure. All in all, what is significant when structuring a database? This is a significant inquiry before anybody gets into the planning stage.

These are the things we take care before planning a database for our customer:
  • What data needs to be stored?

  • What are the various data groups that will exist in the database?

  • What is the connection between these data groups?

  • What are data designs and the pertinent targets?

  • How successfully can the data be overseen?

  • What is the standard data wellbeing checks one can depend on?

  • Are the database objects supported by the DBMS?

  • What are the physical structures and files needed to support those objects?

  • How does the DBMS support indexing, constraints, referential integrity, and data types?

  • What are the highlights of the latest version of the database?

  • What are the DBMS design parameters?


After carefully analyzing these requirements, our team of exceptionally experienced database designers’ plunges into the designing stage. We guarantee that every part of the database is considered before the structure is created.

2.   What is the Database Design Process Followed by Sreeyan?

We, at Sreeyan, put stock in giving our customers a strong and modified database plan which will suit their business necessities flawlessly. For this to be conceivable, we influence an exceptionally deliberate and streamlined database design process. SO, what are the steps in the database design process?

Here we have listed the key steps:

a) Planning: In the step, we comprehend the customer’s necessity and create a plan on big business demonstrating and the early calculated data modeling.

b) Analysis: In this step, we perform a thorough requirement analysis of the system specifications and integrated conceptual data modelling.

c) System Design: In this step, we create a structure for the database along with transactions, displays, forms, views, data security, and integrity.

d) Implementation: We carry out the programming, testing, training, documenting, and installing the database along with all the required documentation and training materials

e) Maintenance: In this step, we help the client in constantly monitoring, repairing, enhancing performance, and tuning the system along with other error corrections

3.     Why Choose Sreeyan for Database Design Services?

We understand ‘what is database design’ and ‘what is conceptual database design’ altogether. We have expertise in structuring highly customizable databases for customers from various industry verticals.

Some of the key reasons for you to choose us include:

a) Affordable Database Design:
We give our customers exceptionally adaptable pricing choices and the customers must only pay for the services they opt on or the quantity of assets they influence.

b) Experienced Team of Database Designers:
Our group contains probably the most skilled and experienced database planners who have worked with customers from various industry verticals over the globe.

c) Best Infrastructure
We are equipped with the top tier framework as far as worldwide standard office spaces, continuous system organizations, and the latest database design tools

d) Data Security
Sreeyan is a certified organization which guarantees that all your project, lawful, monetary, and different types of data are totally safe.

e) Single Point of Contact
At the point when you outsource to us, we will allocate a committed project manager who will be a solitary purpose of contact for every one of your needs and keep you updated with the project status.

f) Quick Turnaround
We comprehend the significance of time and convey the database plans inside a fast time through our numerous conveyance communities spread over the globe.
g) High Quality
We are an affirmed organization consequently you can have confidence that you will get simply the best-quality database design services from our group of designers.
h) 24/7 Availability
Our project managers, the sales teams, and the call center executives are accessible all day, every day to answer your inquiries by means of telephone or email.
i) Ease of Scalability
In the case of during the task, the customer has an enhanced requirement for database design, our team can without much of a stretch scale up the procedure in the blink of an eye.

Fitting and all around created database design has a significant effect in utilizing and examining data. Sreeyan uses demonstrated advances to structure databases that furnish organizations with most extreme data ease of use. The custom database frameworks built by us incorporate with an assortment of driving devices, stages and expository highlights bolstered by famous database servers.

4. Summarizing what Sreeyan causes organizations to accomplish in Data Design and Support:

  • Study business necessities and characterize data streams
  • Design a database with effective data streams and connections
  • Create tables, sees, group/non-bunch ordering, imperatives and SQL code
  • Develop data stores to move raw data to servers
  • Cleanse data and convert it to required arrangements and data types
  • Data dig for a measurable and similar examination
  • Schedule back-ups & restores
  • Perform data evaluation and encryption
  • Achieve secure data moves

Empower your organization with meaningful data using Sreeyan’s database design services.