Data Lake Solutions in San Antonio

We take your deep dive in Data Lake

A data lake can assist you with making a brought together data the board foundation which will push you to continually store, break down, arrange, and deal with your data. Sreeyan can give big data lakes solutions and counseling services that structure the establishment to all the most recent tech upsets, for example, Adaptive Machine Learning Systems, IoT, AI-based Robotic Automation Systems, and so on. Outsourcing big data lakes solutions and counseling to us can give you access to a progression of advantages.

OurBig Data Lakes Solutions

With the quantity of data sources, for example, mobiles, wearable devices, medicinal services devices, and other associated tools, and so on expanding consistently, big data combination has become a need. Our Big Data lake solutions help organizations comprehend what to do and how to deal with the humongous measures of data which heaps up in the association. Our group with the assistance of cutting-edge framework can assist you with all your Big Data lake solutions in San Antonio, Texas.

Data Lake Implementation

Putting away disorderly and unmanaged data in a Hadoop cluster can seriously influence the big data examination. Our group of profoundly experienced data scientists can assist you with structuring and actualize an exceptionally effective data lake system inside a brisk time.

Analytics and Data Science on Big Data

Our master data science experts have the necessary abilities and experience to give our customers during the demonstrating, appearance, and readiness of changed BI and investigative tools.

Big Data Training

Our group of data science mentors can help your representatives totally use the full business estimation of your data utilizing our expertly redone modules. We give expertise based preparing just as affirmation preparing to our customers.

Establishing Big Data Competencies

We have the necessary experience and skills in working with the absolute most recent advancements including AI and profound investigation and we

can assist you with setting up a portion of the inclining big data skills relying upon your prerequisite and nature of your business.

Big Data Strategy

Our specialists can assist you with distinguishing and find the necessary big data system. We can likewise get to and group the data-dependent on the sorts of data structure.

Big Data Engineering

Our data building services help customers to decrease operational costs, accelerate new item advancement, and find new income and data sources. We have the necessary experience of working with big business data lakes, cloud stages, ingestion pipelines, big data coordination for organized and unstructured data.

Managed Services

We have the necessary skills and data transmission to furnish our customers with a progression of oversaw services including every minute of day checking, support of Hadoop Distribution in both cloud and neighborhood situations. We can likewise give committed venture supervisors and on-location support according to the customer’s necessities.

Big Data Knowledge Partner Services

Big Data is still in its underlying stages and it is imperative to have an accomplished accomplice to help you through all the procedures. We will guarantee that every one of your necessities for the big data activity will be met at the perfect time.

Big Data Lake Consulting We Offer

We put stock in furnishing our customers with the best quality services as we comprehend the significance of enormous data investigation in the advanced business world and how it impacts the dynamic of an association. To guarantee that the big data pools venture is executed in a smooth way, we weight on utilizing probably the most recent devices and advances as a piece of our interviews.

Technology Consulting
  • Data Ingestion advancements – Kafka, NiFi
  • Streaming data ingestion instruments – Flume, Spark Streaming
  • NoSQL Database structure and the board – Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB, Neo4J
  • Warehouse Data the board instruments – Hive
  • Workflow Management devices – Oozie and Luigi
  • Query Layer devices – Pig, HiveQL, Phoenix, Spark SQL, Presto
  • Security and Governance layer – Sentry, Ranger, Atlas
  • Software Programming – Spark, Map Reduce
  • ML devices – Python MLlib, Mahoot, R
  • Federation Tools – Apache Drill
  • Enterprise Search devices – Solr
Solutions Consulting
  • The architecture of Big Data Lakes
  • Data Ingestion plan criteria for unique sources
  • Data Governance and utilization solutions
  • Downstream examination use case setup approach
Corporate Training
  • Basic Level – onboarding Big Data Engineers and Data Scientists
  • Intermediate Level – Tool explicit preparing and setup structure
  • Advanced Level – Solution Architecting and Development utilizing Big Data Platform and ML devices
Our Data Science Team

Our group contains probably the most skilled and experienced data science pros who are fit for dealing with any of the customer’s necessities. We have over a time of involvement with conveying big data lakes benefits and counseling in AI and profound learning.

Our group’s skill covers:

  • Big Data solutions and cloud facilitating of SaaS services
  • Adept in picture and content-based mining solutions
  • End-to-end AI based robotization solutions
  • Cognitive processing and profound learning
  • Partner helping associations in data science development
  • Predictive examination
Our Big Data Lakes Solutions and Consulting Process

Our group of data scientists follows an exceptionally streamlined and methodical procedure while conveying enormous data pools answers for our customers. We guarantee that we convey the best quality services inside a brisk turnaround time and help customers in their dynamic at the correct occasions. The key strides in our procedure are recorded here:


We start a streamlined and efficient investigation of the data at your association which will lead us to plan an appropriate guide. The investigation is completed on the data about the clients, choices, data, and examination at the association.

Road Map

After all the data is deliberately broke down by our group, an efficient and clear guide for data science solutions are turned out. A run of the mill procedure venture for any data science venture, as a rule, follows the accompanying advances: 

  • A versatile data foundation is planned and created.
  • Demonstrator use cases are distinguished and executed.
  • Structured and unstructured data stores are made.
  • Internal and outside data sources are included.
  • The inner group is engaged with data science ranges of abilities.
  • Advanced examination is empowered on the pooled data.
  • AI and Machine Learning use cases are planned.
Client Success Stories

We have served a few customers over the globe and got incredible surveys on all the activities we have conveyed. A portion of the tasks we have taken a shot at include:

Sreeyan Created a Data Storage and Processing Infrastructure for a Banking Group

A main financial gathering was searching for a data science accomplice who could assist them with making an incorporated data handling and capacity foundation. Our group at Sreeyan built up the necessary framework inside a snappy turnaround time.

Sreeyan Architected an Open Source Analytics Workbench for a Bank

A main financial association was searching for a dependable data science specialist organization that could make an open-source examination workbench by utilizing their in-house organized and unstructured data. Our group gave them the necessary services inside a speedy time.

Sreeyan Developed a Big Data Platform for Document Processing Automation

A leading banking company was looking for a service provider who could build a big data-based proposal which would help them to systematize the document processing. Our team of data science experts developed the platform incorporating all the requirements of the client.

Sreeyan Identified High-value Transaction Parties for a Bank

A leading financial organization was looking for a data science specialist co-op who could give them the data of high value transaction parties and approach them as potential customers. Our team of experts gave the customer the necessary data and helped them to distinguish their potential customers.

Why Choose Us for Big Data Lakes Solutions and Consulting Services?

We are a profoundly propelled organization with a resolute spotlight on data science. We have been in the business for quite a while and comprehend the necessities of the customer effortlessly. A portion of the key explanations behind you to pick us include:

Affordable Pricing

We utilize the absolute most proficient data lakes counseling and solutions forms which permit us to give serious evaluating on services and counseling

Expert Team of Data Scientists

Our group contains industry specialists with exhaustive data on best in class of in the enormous data innovation space

Multi-domain Expertise

We have the necessary skills and experience to give an answer for customers from various areas and our answers are tweaked to suit that industry

Quality Services

We follow all phases of testing that an answer ought to experience before it is sent in the creation condition. Quality affirmation is inserted in every one of the phases to guarantee that we convey simply the best quality solutions


The framework is suggested by our experts after due steadiness and necessities study and will be founded on the setup outline, foundation measuring, on-premises versus cloud, open source versus restrictive, programming determination, scaffolds of existing programming, and so forth.

Highly Qualified Top Management

Our originators and top administration have PhDs from Ivy League Universities joined with many years of industry experience

Data Security Measures

All the necessary security rules are followed to guarantee that all the data is totally protected and is available just to approved faculty. Our answers can incorporate with outsider applications and can be facilitated on different cloud setup – Internal, External, or Hybrid

Outsource Big Data Lakes Solutions and Consulting Services

Sreeyan has been driving supplier of big data lakes solutions and counseling in san antonio, texas and a big group of data science services to worldwide customers. Our group involves probably the most talented and experienced data scientists who are prepared to consider all the prerequisites of the customer. We have prepared in Big Data and Data Science groups from all enormous private associations in India, and various big Government account organizations, in themes, for example, Machine Learning, Big Data Engineering, Text mining, Social Network Analytics, Streaming Analytics, and so on.

If you are looking for an effective, cost-effective, trustworthy, and precise big data lakes solutions and consulting service provider, then you have come to the right place. Get in touch with us today!