Data Migration

Moving data? We are the data packers and movers.

Data Migration can be a genuine annoyance, one will likely need to relocate your data sooner or later. The expression “Data migration” is utilized in a few settings for Data movement activities. Data migration is the way toward moving data between capacity types, organizations or PC frameworks. Sreeyan’s methodology of data migration is typically performed automatically to accomplish a mechanized movement, freeing up HR from tedious tasks. It is required when organizations or people change computer systems or upgrade to new frameworks, or when systems merge, (such as when the organizations that use them undergo a takeover).

We at Sreeyan address the large-scale data migration projects, where data is to be moved from source (old) system(s) to the objective (new) system(s) on a one-time premise, as a rule because of application or technology upgrade initiative.

Data Migration Challenges handled with ease

Team Sreeyan is constantly prepared to deal with the complexities that surface during the time spent Data Migration. Data movement is an important part of business, however many organizations see the accompanying parts of migration as a test.

Data Cleansing:

The Data may be in various organizations and originate from different sources, including RDBMS, different kinds of databases, S3 buckets, CSVs, or from streams. Since the Data originates from better places, it should be rinsed, standardized, or changed in a way that permits you to break down it together with Data from different sources.

Arranging your Data Model:

You may need to change your Data model as a feature of your movement procedure. You might be moving from an on-premise Data distribution center to a cloud-based Data stockroom or moving from social Data to a blend of organized and unstructured Data. Or on the other hand, you may even essentially be moving Data starting with one social database then onto the next.


Security is basic during and after migration. Additionally, if you need to move touchy Data, it is dependent upon consistent prerequisites, which can be difficult to help during the migration procedure.

Ways of Data Migration:

We will guide you on the right path.

There are a few techniques accessible at Sreeyan devoted group of Data migration that can be utilized to move your Data simple and smooth.

Trading and Importing:

When you fare and import, you send out the Data in an impartial arrangement, for example, CSV (comma isolated worth) records, and afterward alter the documents with the goal that they are in the normal organization before bringing it into the objective database. This is the slowest strategy for Data movement on the grounds that crafted by adjusting the Data types and structures must be done physically by a Data researcher.


For this situation, we would compose a content to change the Data into an appropriate arrangement for the objective Data distribution center or store. This is quicker than the procedure of physically sending out and bringing in, yet it is yet an exceptionally dull procedure since you would almost certainly need to compose an alternate content for each source and target.

Utilizing a conventional ETL instrument:

You may utilize an outsider ETL device to move the Data. ETL instruments are intended to remove, change, and burden the Data productively. These instruments are worked to stack Data from various sources into an assortment of targets, and they are intended to process enormous volumes of Data. Nonetheless, not all ETL devices are manufactured similarly. Many require the Data to be moved in groups and are structured fundamentally for social databases, while various Data sources nowadays are unstructured. Moreover, they frequently have extremely exacting principles and assumptions regarding the Data, constraining you to reprocess every one of your Data if something changes in the composition, source, or target.

Utilizing an advanced ETL apparatus:

Modern ETL devices can process Data continuously as opposed to in groups. They are adaptable enough to deal with a scope of sources and targets, and the mappings can be altered on the fly to suit changes to your organization’s needs. Moreover, they can scale up or down contingent upon evolving throughput.

The business goal of a Data migration venture is to move the Data collection of enthusiasm from the source framework to the objective framework while improving Data quality and keeping up business coherence.

data migration flow
Proven Strategies at Sreeyan

Right now, talk about the demonstrated methodologies for executing enormous scope Data movement ventures. The rundown has been accumulated over years, in the wake of taking a shot at various enormous scope basic Data migration ventures. Every methodology can be embraced with some degree of customization, according to an individual association’s needs.

Strategy 1: Invest in Profiling Source Data

We at Sreeyan comprehend that source Data is the beginning stage for any Data movement exertion. Understanding attributes of source Data is fundamental for the accomplishment of the Data movement venture for a few motivations to reveal undocumented Data connections, Data quality, Data volume, Data oddities, and so on. Data profiling basically gives the x-beam vision of the source Data collections, which assists with understanding the qualities and shortcomings of the Data collections. The speculation had will have a direct effect on the viability of downstream procedures and programming code segments. Additionally, it is critical to characterize the extent of the Data profiling exercise in advance to dodge any overspending on this undertaking. Fundamental Data profiling can be performed by creating content; in any case, for profoundly perplexing and huge Data collections, utilizing a modern quality Data profiling apparatus merits the venture.

Strategy 2: Create a Data Migration Process Model

Data migration can be as basic as single step with only one source and one objective framework, or it very well may be an exceptionally mind-boggling process including various source frameworks, different advances and numerous objective frameworks. Make an intricate procedure model delineating each progression of the movement procedure. The relic fills in as the guide for moving Data, just as an understanding among the partners in question. The procedure model from group Sreeyan likewise fills in as contribution to the downstream organization, design the executives and programming advancement forms. The procedure model ought to have interval steps to approve volume and nature of Data that is coursing through the procedure. By having the implanted checkpoints, Data examiners can ensure the special cases are inside acknowledged points of confinement and there are no concealed astonishments.

Strategy 3: Define Roles and Responsibilities Up Front

Data migration can be an intricate and overwhelming venture including a few partners and IT task supervisors/group pioneers. A proper handshake at each basic advance of the Data migration process is basic. The draftsmen and the task director should recognize every conceivable job and appoint duties to the jobs as a feature of undertaking arranging. The undertaking administrator at that point ought to officially allocate these jobs to all extend staff individuals. By doling out jobs and obligations in advance, venture initiative can guarantee that whole Data migration life cycle is upheld with proper responsibility set up.

Strategy 4: Divide and Conquer

Much the same as some other enormous and complex undertaking, Data migration likewise ought to be isolated around sensible gathering of Data, for example, business region, geology, cost focus, and so forth. The decision of such consistent groupings relies upon the business setting for Data migration task. It is prescribed to pick littlest Data collection first and afterward proceed onward to bigger Data indexes. By following such strategy, the group can learn and adjust the movement procedure at an opportune time with littler Data collections, in this manner limiting the dangers. Movement of every datum set can be dealt with like a discharge, which will help the group tremendously in correspondence. Each discharge ought to be trailed by a proper discharge assessment venture to archive and to instruct and refinements for next discharge.

Strategy 5: Invest in Technology/Tool Training

For enormous scope movement ventures, it is prescribed to put resources into demonstrated innovation or instrument for evident reasons mechanization, metadata assortment, planning, mistake taking care of, and so forth. If the group is new to such innovation/instrument, at that point it is strongly prescribed to put resources into formal preparing for the staff that is answerable for improvement and execution of Data movement code segments. By putting resources into such preparing, venture authority can limit the hazard related with the expectation to learn and adapt engaged with the task. Additionally, during the preparation procedure, the group gets the chance to set up association with seller’s specialized care staff.

Strategy 6: Conduct Performance Testing

For enormous scope Data migration endeavors, the size of the Data indexes being moved from source to goal Data stores can be overpowering. Because of business and additionally operational necessities, the greater part of the Data migration ventures have predefined and brief timeframe windows for moving Data. Thus, it is basic for the code parts to have adequate execution levels. It is strongly prescribed to completely test the code parts for execution at creation scale. The venture staff should keep on tuning the product or potentially design parameters until the ideal throughput has been accomplished. The dreary exhibition testing will likewise assist staff with getting to know the innovation and the movement procedure.

Strategy 7: Have a Plan B

At long last, much the same as for any strategic venture, have an arrangement B. Considerably after huge arranging, testing and practice, movement ventures will in general face shocks. Henceforth, from business progression outlook, it is basic to have an elective arrangement arranged and tried before the task starts. The arrangement B must be detailed with contributions from all partners including business initiative, business clients, operational IT staff and movement venture administration. The movement venture authority ought to get close from all partners for the arrangement B and impart any progressions from that point. By imparting the plans and aims to all partners, the venture initiative can guarantee that all reliant business forms are set up for the change.

data migration
Tools to migrate data from RDBMS to Hadoop HDFS:

For Data movement, perhaps the best apparatus accessible in the Hadoop Ecosystem is Apache Sqoop. Sqoop goes about as the halfway layer between the RDBMS and Hadoop to move Data. It is utilized to import Data from the social database, for example, MySQL/Oracle to Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and fare Data from the Hadoop record framework to social databases.

In situations where processing assets are restricted, Sqoop is anything but a practical choice as it might have high asset utilization. A superior choice in such cases is to utilize Apache Spark SQL. Apache Spark SQL is a module of Apache Spark for taking a shot at organized Data. It assists with handling the Data in a speedy and circulated way and is intended to productively execute intuitive questions and stream preparing. It offers advantages of speed, convenience and a brought together preparing motor. 

Migrating Data from RDBMS to HDFS Equivalent using Spark:

How about we consider a potential situation where the venture stack does exclude Hadoop Framework, however, the client needs to move the Data from an RDBMS to HDFS identical framework, for instance, Amazon S3. Right now, Spark SQL can be utilized.

Apache Spark SQL has two sorts of RDBMS parts for such a movement, known as JDBCRDD and JDBCDATAFRAME.

Group Sreeyan utilizes the tried way to deal with interface Spark with any RDBMS, at that point JDBC type 4 driver container record in/lib index should be included. The accompanying code can be utilized to check for JDBC availability:

Sqoop is known to expend a great deal of handling power for Data migration. Where this isn’t accessible, Spark SQL can be considered. There are numerous contemplations while assessing the instruments and techniques to move, oversee and break down monstrous measures of Data. If you are thinking about migration from RDBMS to HDFS, contact our Big Data Consulting specialists to begin.

As one of the center Data the executive’s exercises, Data movement has been drilled since the time the innovation of PCs. In any case, it very well may be the most ignored undertaking on IT chiefs’ arrangements of activities, bringing about low-quality Data in the objective framework. The perception isn’t new however is regularly observed all through the business. It is assessed that 84% of Data movement ventures fall flat.

The effect of Data migration venture disappointment can be various extending from:

  • Breakdown of target frameworks
  • Poor Data Quality in the objective condition
  • Loss of business opportunity
  • Cost invades

Sreeyan very surely knows the essential purposes behind such disappointment is an underestimation of the scale and multifaceted nature of the Data migration exertion and keeps away from every one of them with a demonstrated methodology for enormous Data movement. By proactively putting resources into estimation and arranging, IT administrators can get a great handle on the task. Data migration is a multidimensional exertion, which can be time delicate and mission basic. By following these straightforward and demonstrated techniques, IT chiefs can positively improve the likelihood of progress.