Data Visualisation

Data science is not rocket science. On account of innovation’s advances, you can put the present most innovative technical solutions for work in your organization and take care of complex issues utilizing custom AI applications. Regardless of whether you need to upgrade your enterprise’s range of capabilities or maximize customer experiences, you can unleash Data Science’s power.

Sreeyan has been offering data visualization services for a long time. We accept that visualization is a basic piece of any data analytics, as it permits clients to promptly spot patterns, track goal achievement, effectively recognize anomalies and analyze the performance of various categories, items, brands, and so on. We tailor visualization solutions with the goal that they answer the business questions of a customer.

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Machine Learning

Challenge your competitors by harnessing the latest opportunities for AI in business: Train your machine to understand pictures with Computer Vision, develop chatbots and smart assistants utilizing Natural Language Processing, hear what historical data says about the future with the power of Predictive Analytics.

AI Solutions for Industries

Join industry giants by embracing state-of-the-art technologies, methods, and algorithms. Work with specialists that have been uncovering AI power in Travel, Transportation, Healthcare, Retail, eCommerce, and Finance.

Business Intelligence

Consolidate all your insight into smart analytics tools with dashboards, visualizations, and custom indicators. Make your organization inherently data-driven by integrating intelligent decision-making.

Big Data Consulting.

Big data made simple. Data made understandably.

Tame your data by changing it from crude numbers into answers you can apply in business.

1. Studying the problem

Likewise, with any undertaking, we start by considering your product needs or business challenges, documenting requirements and your vision of a solution to connect data and value.

2. Exploratory Data Analysis

Then, as any Data Science endeavor proposes, we audit your present data infrastructure and explore datasets to discover oddities, missing values, dependencies, and patterns.

3. Data Preparation

Prior to modeling, we get ready data by purging it and changing into a unified format.

4. Data Modeling and Evaluation

Our data researchers train numerous models to define which one of them provides the most exact outcomes. At that point we pick the best model as far as exactness of results, simplicity, and performance.

5. Designing the Solution

Be it a BI item, an AI calculation, or a data the board solution, we engineer, incorporate, and test your item, as you begin changing in accordance with your new creative abilities.

6. Support and Maintenance

We keep up your development by helping you release new features, introduce more tools and data sources, and integrate the product further in the work process. We look for long haul customer/seller relationship where common progress supports our mutual level.

Unable to make decision on Data Visualization Services? Let us help.

We can run a health check of your existing data visualization solution. In this case, we look at it through the lens of best practices and advise on possible improvements.

Then again, we can help develop visualization solution from scratch. In this case, we start with explaining your business requirements, at that point we structure a pertinent applied solution and recommend innovation stack. With Sreeyan being an approved permit affiliate, our clients don’t have to include any third parties to get visual programming licenses (assuming any). Additionally, we don’t confine ourselves to data visualization services, being constantly prepared to offer our clients full-cycle data analytics services, for example, data the executives, data warehouse (counting ETL) and data marts development, big data consulting, advanced data analysis and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Although data visualization solutions are instinctive and simple to-use commonly, beginning training is required for clients to comprehend the tool’s highlights and the potential outcomes it opens.

At long last, we offer help and support benefits that spread performance optimization, further development of the existing system, just as migration from one analytical system to another.

You give us a data challenge. We show you the data like never.
a)     Not Insightful Reports

Not insightful reports that force users to look through to analyze figures or spot patterns. We accept that clients ought not to burn through their time and exertion on looking for experiences; they should concentrate on settling on educated choices. That is the reason we consider data visualization as an imperative piece of the announcing procedure.

b)     Overloaded Reports and Dashboards

No matter the reason – for example, an excessive number of visual elements, data visualization types or colors used – it makes reports and dashboards hard to comprehend. We structure our own cautiously, ensuring that patterns or exceptions are perceived promptly, colors are important and graph types are consistent.

c)     Disregarded User Roles

We tailor reports and dashboards with the goal that each client could focus on relevant data. For instance, top management needs to stay on top of the information, and that is why we develop top-level reports and dashboards for them.

d)     Unanswered Why?

We give decision-makers the power of drilling-down and filtering options with the goal that they could respond to their business inquiries by looking from different angles. For example, a supervisor can look at the US deals in general, at that point rank them by states, then focus on those where sales are below the target.

e)     Insufficient Flexibility

We don’t limit our clients to a work area variant. Our data visualization benefits additionally spread the plan and improvement of obvious dashboards for mobile users. As a piece of this undertaking, we solve data security challenges, just as convey an extraordinary UI/UX plan.

f)     Technology Stack
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Tableau
  • MicroStrategy
  • QlikView
  • Sisense
  • Oracle Business Intelligence
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Microsoft PowerPivot
  • Microsoft Power View
  • Microsoft Excel
  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
  • Pentaho
  • Oracle Reports
  • Jasper Reports
  • Custom front-end environment

With our in-depth experience with complex critical thinking and business transformation, we at Sreeyan give data consulting services to assist organizations with getting an incentive from raw datasets. Include competitive functionality for greater consumer satisfaction, automate interior processes, or peer into the future – all on the bedrock of exclusively manufactured AI calculations designed on the establishment of your own data. Our AI specialists will inundate themselves in your business procedures and industry points of interest to find the fundamental issues and offer answers for them. At that point, applying their skills in data analysis, AI models, and calculations, they will enable you to interpret what data is letting you know. At last, you will utilize a custom ML algorithm to persistently gather analytical insights and make data-driven decisions.