Back on September 20, 2019 everyone was excited and anxious to see what Apple had come up with for the new iPhone, not only the internal updates like faster speed and stuff but also the new exterior design. When it was presented everyone was amazed by the new look and if we’re being honest what’s not to like about it? the design was beautiful, it had brand new colors, new and improved battery life, stronger screen but the craziest part about the phone was the new camera, it not only had one camera or two but 3 new lenses, all with different functions to make your pictures look better than ever, looking as if a professional photographer had taken them.

Of course, people were eager to get the new phone in their hands, not only to have the lastest release but to try all of their new camera features and quality, however, when they started getting the new iPhone 11 pro they were noticing that the camera wasn’t working on apps like Instagram and Facebook, the videos were slower and the quality just wasn’t the same, now you might be wondering why does this happen? why if the regular camera works fine, the social media apps can’t read it? and here is were terms like Big Data and Hadoop come into place.

Creating and adding a new camera or lens is not an easy job, each lens takes a picture that contains tons of data and unifying those 3 pictures is hard and requires a specific type of software to do it. That information and data also need to be understood by the app but since they don’t know about the new phone features there is no way to prepare for that. Apps like Instagram ad Facebook to be able to handle all of that data need to have a software or a place where all of that information is stored but also to analyze it and that is basically what Hadoop does is an open-source framework that tackles all the components of storing and parsing massive amounts of data, kind of like a giant library where the information or data is really easy to access and versatile.

In today world everything has data, from the smart light bulb in your house to the tv that is on the living room, every single click, like and repost is a piece of information that needs to be stored somewhere, but since there is so many every second of the day around the world, previous software or programs are unable to handle this type of data but with the creation of Hadoop, it´s not only easier but cheaper and faster. Now you might be wondering whats is big data and why is it so important, well it is not that hard, kind of like a giant box of tools filled to the brim, all of them are useful for something but its hard to find the one you need because they’re just mixed in the box, big data is a box of letters and numbers that can be hard to understand if you don’t have the right program.

Now, this is more than important than you might think, it is because of big data and software like Hadoop that were living the way we are, all of the social media platforms can function thanks to this big data analysis, a lot of your house appliances work with data too, by analyzing all of this information everything is much more personalized, the movies you see, the advertisement, every google search you have and even the time that the GPS shows you that you’re going to take. That’s why here in Sreeyan were doing this job for you because it can be tedious but with our tools and knowledge will make it easier than you think.