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At Sreeyan in San Antonio, we offer Salesforce Automation, Marketing Cloud and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) services designed to help businesses improve their customer relationships. We provide Salesforce CRM, which offers various features and functionalities at a cost that is adaptable according to the scale of the business.

Advantages of implementing CRM for your business needs are:

  • Salesforce Automation CRM helps in growing revenue by helping in tracking all types of sales activities.
  • Salesforce is Fully Cloud-Based which ensures that business users can access it’s full functionality and is customizable.

Within Salesforce there are a vast variety of CRM categories and systems designed to cater to each individual business needs such as Marketing Cloud, which we at Sreeyan in San Antonio provide support for.

Marketing Cloud, available with Sreeyan in San Antonio, helps business owners to be connected to customers through different platforms which enables them to market their products efficiently. Marketing Cloud consists of mobile, social media and web tools in one service which allows business owners to pick the marketing tool (s) that cater to their business needs.

Advantages of Marketing Cloud consist of:

  • Business owners getting an understanding of which communications work for their business model.
  • Analyze customer interactions in real time and get a clear picture of the results of every marketing campaign.

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